Our non-profit partners enjoy planning expertise in events on a grand scale as well as more intimate gatherings. Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. handles every aspect of an event, from macro-coordination to logistical details. Our creative team balances expert planning with artistic flare. It’s made us a legacy in our field and given us credence with our suppliers. Over the years, we’ve established a comprehensive repertoire of planning capabilities so events are impeccably planned, flawlessly executed. With our help, organizations continue to exceed fundraising expectations – upwards of a million dollar for a single event. Corporate events call for the same original planning and intuition our team has integrated into its ethic. Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. remains cool under the pressure of tight deadlines and ambitious goals. A vigilant foresight and the utmost professionalism are our cornerstone tools and have given our team the credibility it deserves. Whether it’s to celebrate a product, a colleague, a company or its customers, a Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. event is always special.
In launching and repositioning products, our adaptive style allows us to collaborate with our clients’ marketing and sales promotion arms. Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. does this in limited markets or nationwide. We supervise creative design and production of collateral materials in addition to developing well-managed events. From strategic planning through to project completion, we meet success with success. Only Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. turns the product into the brand. Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. develops customized media relations campaigns, creating a synergy between clients, goals for branding, sales and press coverage. Key executives are presented to consumer and trade media outlets as industry experts. Campaigns can include design, production and distribution of press materials and releases, press conferences and interviews. Clients are compensated with quantitative and qualitative results and unprecedented brand recognition.
Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. works with clients to create programs that reach the target demographic. This is done in national primary and secondary markets, developing the taste of new consumers, reinforcing the loyal base and positioning each brand as premier in its category. We conduct site surveys, interface with restaurants, caterers, and in-home hosts. We manage menus, service and logistical requirements, and we produce and distribute invitations, recording all responses and staffing for all events. Our impressive experience in retailing has produced strong and widespread relationships that permit access to critical retail outlets. Clients, products and company principals are presented in exciting non-traditional venues. Product placement and event campaigns spark consumer demand while concerted and on-going press activities produce broad editorial and electronic media coverage
Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. introduces new technologies and products to distributors, retailers and the general public. We use trade shows, fairs and expos as our platforms. We screen, develop and train an on-premises staff of poised and articulate experts. We handle bookings and scheduling. We design, produce and position booths and display centers and deliver highly effective, well-received presentations that reflect our clients’ high standards. The best campaigns are conceived at off-premises brainstorming workshops where there can be a free-flowing exchange of ideas and opinions. Ruth C. Schwartz & Co. arranges accommodations with hotels or private clubs and reserves meeting rooms. We order audio/visual aids and meeting supplies. We plan meal and breakout menus, assure shipping and receipt of production materials and we coordinate dinners and evening entertainment.

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